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Construction Management

Construction Management is a professional service discipline applied to the planning, design and construction process of capital improvement projects. Professional CM’s address the needs of the project and the Owner by providing management services and expertise tailored to the specific project needs. It is this management approach that makes Construction Management unique. CM’s apply and integrate comprehensive project controls to help manage the critical issues of time, cost , scope, quality and safety.

This construction process allows Bishop Beaudry Construction to act on behalf of the Owner to ensure that the Owner’s interests and expectations are met.

From the onset of any project, involving a professional Construction Manager (CM) ensures the best results. The earlier the CM is involved in the project (often times before or at the same time the design team is engaged) enables the CM to effectively manage the process on behalf of the owner. This allows the owner to have a construction professional working directly on their behalf, dedicated to the successful completion of the contract.

There are two delivery methods of Construction Management. The first is termed “Agency” while the second is called “At Risk”. Both delivery methods are often tailored to the individual project needs; which is the beauty of Construction Management.

Construction Management – “Agency Format”

The Agency format of Construction Management is used on both public and private construction projects but it is usually used on public projects. In New York State, the Public Owner is required to be responsible for the coordination of multiple prime contracts on the project as mandated by the Wicks Law. In the “Agency” application, the CM works as the Agent of the Owner advising the Owner with respect to risks, costs, schedule, function and safety.

During the pre-construction phase the CM prepares budgets, reviews design progress, prepares schedules, provides value analysis and works with the Owner and Design team in preparation of the bid documents and manages the bidding process.

During the construction period the CM performs, on behalf of the Owner, all necessary construction oversight functions including contract administration, coordination, inspection and reviews associated with the execution of the contract.


Construction Management – “At Risk”

Where allowed by law or on a privately funded project, the Owner may opt for the Construction Management at Risk delivery method.
During the pre-construction phase of the project the At Risk CM performs the same basic pre-construction functions as when they are an Agent for the owner, but this delivery method includes the construction performance role as well.

When construction begins, the CM functions are nearly identical to a General Contractor with a guaranteed price but there can be important differences. One such difference is that if requested, by the Owner, Bishop Beaudry Construction will perform the project for a pre-determined fee structure and if requested guarantee the project cost based on an agreed to scope of work and design. This allows the Owner to have the best of both worlds; opportunity for cost savings and a guaranteed maximum project cost.

Additionally, the Owner may opt for the Construction Manager to provide a cost guarantee (Guaranteed Maximum Price) in advance of the Architect completing the design. Here the Owner can benefit from the ability to lock into more favorable financing, start construction earlier, which allows fast-tracking of the project, thereby minimizing the impact of elements such as inclement weather and establish a project’s Maximum Cost up-front.

Construction Management contracts continue to grow throughout the industry. Either the Agency or At Risk method of Construction Management can be beneficial to our clients if properly structured. Bishop Beaudry Construction has the Construction Management knowledge, experience and skills necessary to make the completion of your project a positive and cost effective experience.