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General Contracting

General Contracting (GC) is the process of completing a project from start to close out. It is generally initiated through a contract with an owner who has retained an architect or engineer to develop the design, plans and specifications for a specific construction project. 

A general contract can be awarded though either a bid or a negotiated process that is initiated by the owner.

General Contracting can take form in either “new” or renovation construction projects. The process is generally the same with the GC assuming all the risk for managing and coordinating subcontractors, suppliers and trade workers on the project. Effective control over these processes insures timely completion of the project at the agreed upon cost and quality.  

Successful GC firms, such as Bishop Beaudry, have skilled estimators that enable them to provide solid estimates associated with bid/contract documents. Our Project Managers are able to quickly and professionally execute the contract once the project has been let.

Within New York State, publicly funded projects require public bidding and fall under the influence of Wicks Law. This statutory requirement provides for all public projects to be executed by a general contract, a HVAC contract a plumbing contract and an electrical contract. The General Contractor is usually in control of all work other than HVAC, plumbing and electrical.