What We Do

Pre-Construction Support

Pre-construction support services are generally provided to clients beginning at the project conception stage. These services are intended to assist the owner in meeting their desired design and budget goals. The final result of these services and their associated efforts will be experienced through saved client time and money. These services are generally billed on a fee basis.

The scope of the support effort is directly tied to when the Construction Manager enters the process. Critical to the process, regardless of when the CM enters, is the full disclosure by the Owner of all aspects of the project including design ideas, location, budgets, timelines and overall concerns. 

Some of the areas that are included in pre-construction support are:

  • Project Site Review to assess feasibility and provide information on utilities, jurisdictional concerns, opportunities for utilizing existing resources and site preparation concerns.
  • Construction Team Resources Assessment to provide insight as to what additional players might be required to facilitate the project, such as, engineers, surveyors, insurance brokers and designers.
  • Preliminary Estimates are developed at various phases of the pre-construction process. These preliminary estimates can be updated as more accurate and targeted information on the project is developed.
  • Value Engineering / Scope Reduction recommendations are made to reduce the spread between initial designs and Owner budgets. These recommendations generally cover alternative construction methods and materials to better match expense to client budgets. 
  • Constructability and Material Recommendations to maintain a match between project objectives and owner budgets. These recommendations are designed to provide insight on materials, construction techniques and building systems. Included in this stage may be discussions on “Green” building options.  
  • Schedule Development to show timelines of the many activities that occur during the construction process. Continuous updating and revisions are done as the design evolves to ensure accuracy of the schedule. 
  • Bid Development is initiated when all construction drawings are complete and match the latest estimates and schedules and have been approved by the client. Bid documents are drafted and distributed to interested parties. 
  • These services are essential to the effective and efficient initiation of a construction project. They result in minimizing expense and maximizing the efficiency of the building effort.